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Last night…

… Die Mannschaft broke the following records:

  • Highest-scoring semi-final match in the 84-year history of the World Cup
  • Highest ever halftime lead by Die Mannschaft in a World Cup
  • Scorer: Miroslav Klose also became the biggest World Cup scorer in history with 16 total points
  • Joker: André Schürrle has scored three times as a joker which makes him the most successful joker in German World Cup history
  • Record audience: An average of 32.57M viewers watched the game = 87.8% of German viewers (a special mention to the fact that the 10 most watched tv events in German history are all games of Die Mannschaft)
  • Twitter: Brazil-Germany became the most discussed sports game ever, with 35.6M tweets

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I can’t believe this is real life.

"The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.”
— Isabel Allende (via quotesandnonsense)